Mads Brügger


    • Male

    About the artist

    1972: Was born in Denmark

    Is a Danish filmmaker and TV host. His Danes for Bush and The Red Chapel are ironic documentaries filmed in the United States and North Korea. On the Danish channel DR2he has been host of the talk showDen 11. time and the news program Deadline.

    In October 2011 he released a new documentary, The Ambassador, about the trading of diplomatic titles in Africa.

    As result of the revelations in the documentary the government of Liberia has taken legal steps to prosecute Brügger and the other participants, due to the embarrassment his work has done to the country. However, as of July 2012 the Danish government has not been presented with a formal demand for the extradition of Brügger.

    Source: Mads Brügger Wikipedia Website