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    About the artist

    2011: Selected for the Society of Illustrators Annual 54.
    2011: Winner of “XLI Setmana del Mar” Poster contest.
    2011: Nominated in 2nd Artaq Awards.
    2012: Selected for “Premio Poesía Experimental 2012 de la Diputación de Badajoz”
    2012: Nominated in 3rd Artaq Awards.

    Mágoz was born and grew up in a little city near Barcelona.
    At an early age, he start to create and develop projects related to creativity. He found his own way of thinking and living through the illustration.

    His illustrations are visually appealing, using few elements and colors, he plays with the comunicative part of the images, focusing on the conceptual value. He currently works as a freelance illustrator in the field of press, editorial, covers, posters and murals, in addition to teaching workshops.

    In 2012 he starts the project Crean, a media between the illustration and the illustrators, dedicated to disseminate and promote the illustration, with his friends Miguel Montaner and Miguel Porlan.