Maisie Broadhead


    • Female
    • Photographer


    About the artist

    Maisie Broadhead graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2009 with a Masters in Jewellery, where she displayed her unique pieces with staged photography. Each piece of jewellery was presented as a prop within the striking re-modelled transcription of an old master painting that conceptually related to notions of what is real and fake within her practice. Since then, the artist has expanded on her ambitious project to reinterpret a number of historic paintings, appropriating imagery that truly encapsulates her conceptual as well as aesthetic concerns. Broadhead's exceptional eye for detailing, quality and composition is conveyed through the making of complex set design, lavish costume and theatrical direction to arrive at a final image. The viewer’s eye indulges in Broadhead's re-presentation of rich, sumptuous fabrics and notices humorous contemporary embellishments to the image such as Apple laptops, fax machines and sneakers adorning the feet of Broadhead’s protagonists. By using contemporary and historical elements, the images link the past and present and identify enduring narratives from one century to another.


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