Mak Ying Tung


    • Female
    • Installation
    • Mixed media
    • Neoconceptual
    • Performance
    • Video artist

    About the artist

    Mak Ying Tung is a conceptual artist, born in 1989, living in Hong Kong. Her practice combines hybrid installations, objects, video and performance. She is mainly focused on de-contextualizing everyday objects. In an urban society with a high degree of organization and standardization, people live in a programmed way. Banality deprives people of their imagination and creativity. In order not to take things for granted, Mak Ying Tung is interested in discovering something unusual in the minutiae of life. Everyday objects therefore play an important role in her creative process. Through de-organizing, un-standardizing and re-programing, she would like to discover the unusual invisible obvious relations between the daily objects. Mak has done a series of work called "Funny Stationery" in 2012. In that series, she explored the possibility of stationery by subtle interventions and then discovered the fun side of it, like the way people did when they were young. Through repositioning, deploying and titling, the original functions of the stationary were eliminated by the whimsical visual humor. For example, for the work "Everyone Makes Mistakes", she juxtaposed a bow compass to a diagram of a square, bringing out a visual challenge by misplacing the “cause” and “effect”. And for the work “I can't live without you", a calculator ¬¬is devoid of its most essential part - the "equal” button. It exemplifies that something so meticulously designed could be ripped of its function all so easily by removing a tiny bit from the whole. In short, she wants to highlight that objects as banal as stationery would also be capable of addressing the anomalies in life and creating a sense of absurdity. The intention of Mak trying to invert innocent irreverent youth to reveal its malicious edges can also be reflected in her works. For her video piece, "Sterilization, 2013", It consists of a single precise repetitive action: picking the seeds out of a strawberry with a needle. The process separates fertility from the fruit. This act questions the purposeful activity, suggests latent maliciousness, challenges people's habitual behavior in the urban society. Such approach of exemplifying destruction as a form of creation has also been applied on " Revenge 2013" and "Disarming 2013".

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