Manel Margalef


    • Male

    About the artist

    He lives and works in Tarragona
    1963: Born in l´Amposta
    1982-1987: Degree in fine arts from the University of Barcelona.

    Manel Margalef has to the back a long and prolificartistic path that practically always has paginated with the teaching as a teacher of the School of Art of the Deputation of Tarragona. Graduate in Beautiful Arts and History of the Art for the University of Barcelona, has received between of others the prize of Biennial painting of Art City of Amposta, the 1991; the XXVIII Prize Julio Antonio of Sculpture; the Biennial of Art of the Deputation of Tarragona, the 1996; it press it Biennial IV of Plastic Arts Rafael Bounced, the 2003, and more recently, the prize of pictorial research of Salou. Of his work highlights the obsession for the domestic architectures, his three-dimensional creations, playing with the pieces more everyday  of the furniture, and his logical evolution to the reconstruction of these spaces.