Manolo Quejido


    • Male
    • Nueva figuración madrileña

    About the artist

    1946: Born in Sevilla
    1964: He moved to live in Madrid and began to paint

    His early work is in the field of artistic experimentalism itself linked to the political commitment of the Spanish art scene of the 70s, this time forming part of the group of artists who exhibit in the gallery Buades of Madrid. Moan is concerned with concrete poetry and the need to reflect on the social function of art. In this early period of his career has been a clear footprint art group Team 57, and following the example of the work group will develop under the Automatic Generation Seminar plastic forms of the Computer Centre of the University of Madrid.

    The artistic work of later Moan is between Pop Art and Neo-Expressionist painting. Receive especially the influence of the English pop, from the hand of the artist Ronald Kitaj, Blake. His work is characterized by a vivid colorful and carefree life full of joy and carefree holiday, his is an art of vibrant brushwork. In the work of Moan is a reaction against obscurantism and severity of the previous existentialist informalism own. His attitude is ironic and provocative.

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