Manuel Antonio Dominguez


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    About the artist

    Manuel Antonio Domínguez, was born in Villablanca, Huelva, in 1976.

    Bachelor in fine arts by the UPV, completed his training with a Master in artistic production in the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

    Manuel participates in several artistic groups such as Sala la Perrera y Niños prodigio. He currently works with the Angeles Baños Gallery, develop its thematic core around the cultural construction of masculinity. His work has been acquired by the Museum of contemporary art in Basauri, the Junta de Andalucía and the room el Brocense (Cáceres), among other institutions.

    He has participated in group exhibitions as: displays of carnations in Fundación Chirivella Soriano (Valencia), Post-it City, urban collection. CCCB (Barcelona), out catalog. Art of action on CAAC Andalucía (Seville). His work has been presented in solo exhibitions and in the same way, in the opposite direction in the Angeles baths Gallery, man without head HSC room space Invisible, Sevilla. 

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