• Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Painter
    • Mixed media
    • Abstracción


    Movart, Madrid, España.
    Arteinversión, Madrid, España.
    Cervantes 6, Oviedo, España

    About the artist

    My creative search goes through sensitivity and human essence. Intuition and emotion are embodied in a work whose interpretive reading induces an intimate reception.
    The aggrandizement and transgression of the values of traditional art serves me as a basis for creating a contemporary and innovative language that pursues the conception of a work understood as visual haven of psychological or philosophical concepts. The movement is present in all my works, static images that induce a dynamic view.
    Currently my work focuses on three concourses:
    Geo, under a geometrical structure and various plastics technical resources are consolidated, exposing the footprint of the process. Thus an intimate space where intuition, emotion and musicality are related to the analysis and reflection in a self-referential sense is created.
    Ambient, a study linked to environmental kinesthetic through the line does not delimit anything except itself, and stands as dynamic independent contour drawing. A painting of atmospheric values set, absent of violence, and charged with an invigorating attitude that bathes l spectator in a hypnotic sensory experience.
    Logos, the inescapable coexistence of the natural order and the human order. A claim of order and stability replied with his elusive life indeterminacy. A reason, instinct. In the arrest, the fluid. The randomized controlled concitation and movement, intertwined with human, intelligible, geometric order.