• Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Painter
    • Mixed media
    • Abstracción


    MR Gallery. Madrid, España.
    Arteinversión. Madrid, España.

    About the artist

    [Logos] Reason, measurement; a harmonious relationship between the forces that define, in their struggle, the incessant movement.

    During the last years I have been observing and studying the exciting relationships that are established between the natural and human order. Man tries to logically structure the seemingly chaotic, natural order.

    The motivation of the Logos project is the unavoidable coexistence between this natural and human order. To the pretension of control and stability, life answers with its ungraspable indetermination. To reason, instinct. To the arrested, the fluid.

    In these paintings, the concitation of chance controlled on the movement of the masses of liquid color, conditions the image that I decide to stop. But this level of control is insufficient: it is not enough for man to respect and contemplate, he needs to make sense. Thus, the logic wishes to impose itself and the Logos takes form in the rigor of the geometric line that coexists with the capricious liquid paint.

    Finally, a high-gloss finish provides an aesthetic of photographic capture that reinforces the dialogue of the detained and the liquid.