Mar La Rouss


    • Female
    • Installation
    • Photographer
    • Sculptor
    • Designer
    • Digital artist

    About the artist

    I began to develop my passion for the arts when I was a teenager, while attending the courses of fine arts in my high school; when I was accepted into de University of Fine Arts in Cuenca, I could clear my artistic direction, coming to realize that photography and sculpture have been my passion and my artistic path.

    Respect to photography I have tried several styles, such as studio pho- tography or outdoor as analog and digital photography, concluding that I decline to analog photography for its typical characteristcs and better adaptation to my style of work.

    Gradually, my career made me treat people as protagonist, always linking it to the world indoor/outdoor, avoiding landscape photography.

    Otherwise, in sculpture, the protagonist in the piece is the nature, always using differents reference like Land Art or World Art. In most cases I use biodegradable or recycled materials; this attitude comes from a strong respect for nature, and my interventions do not damage it.

    The most important of nature is the change, the flow, so I prefer that my interventions conform to the rhythm of nature and not as a object that remain timeless.

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