Margarita Gámez


    • Female
    • Painter

    About the artist

    (automatic translation)

    Margarita Gámez, is considered by critics as one of the most important living painters of Spain. Tomás Paredes (President of the Association Spanish of art critics), wrote on the occasion of his last solo exhibition:

    "Lucida, impressive painter! It's about time that a gallery will show his recent work, which would make it Marmur is an honor for this small space that it undertakes big bets. Margarita Gámez (Madrid, 1962), graduated from the Complutense University and since late eighties already considered his plastic talent. In 1992, he had his first individual in Biosca and then conducted eleven personal more. In 1993, was the prize of the State exhibition of painting in Alcazar, precisely, and in 2007 it is elected new artist by the AMCA. Draw with color, you poet in colours, achieved a magical Confluence, establishing the splendour of painting. Qualities and textures shown in this series of heads, on this occasion, are prodigious and placed the author in a very high level. I think that there is no other live painting of his stature and I say this knowing that Carmen Laffón, Isabel Quintanilla and live María Moreno, though different. "Inner journey, heading of this installment is a celebration of the painting, a miracle that gives us the sensitivity and the mystery of this great painter."

    (magazine trends of the market of art No. 97, November 2016)


    2016. Gallery Marmur. Alcazar. Ciudad Real
    2007. Tavira Gallery, Bilbao.
    2005. Gallery Espalter, Madrid.
    2005. Tavira Gallery, Bilbao.
    2001. Tavira Gallery, Bilbao.
    2000. Gallery Angeles Penche, Madrid.
    1999. Tavira Gallery, Bilbao.
    1998. Gallery Castilla, Valladolid.
    1997. Tavira Gallery, Bilbao.
    1995. Tavira Gallery, Bilbao.
    1994. Gallery Espalter, Majadahonda, Madrid.
    1994. Biosca Gallery, Madrid.
    1993. Tavira Gallery, Bilbao.
    1992. Biosca Gallery, Madrid.

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