María Eugenia Piacentini Veron


    • Female
    • Drawer
    • Sculptor
    • Hyperrealist
    • Installation


    ArtCuestion, Ourense, Spain

    About the artist

    Self-taught: Since she was 8 years old she has been experimenting with the world of sculpture. She initially worked with numerous malleable materials, developing over time a style that was simultaneously intrepid and always open to evolution. Her trademark is the assertion of expression, with a focus on movement, tension and attention to detail. Hyper-realism has always been one of her fascinations and objectives, primarily as a means of impacting more directly on the fibres of human perception. She believes everything that can be imagined, exists, and for that reason alone the creative act itself impregnates her existence with life force and establishes a channel for communication. She hopes that those who take an interest in her work can also take inspiration from the message she is attempting to convey.