Maria Santi


    • Female
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Photographer
    • Installation
    • Painter


    About the artist



    1995-Degree in Fine Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts. National University of La Plata, Buenos Aires.

     The making of my work is about questioning, searching and continually arriving. The work creates a structure where a dialogue between the alchemy of material, visual image and personal experience takes place. The underlying premise of this process is that matter/material is alive and is an active ingredient in the language and transformation of a painting. Simultaneously, I am a traveler, collector and observer. Images from the natural world and observed cultures are often source material for the departure for the work. This source material is collected, appropriated, documented and references both the seen and unseen; or the spoken and the unspoken in the living world. My practice explores an alchemical synthesis of these elements with the unconscious. In particular, I am intrigued by the “instinct” or “sixth sense“ that nature possess, as well as its primordial sense of purity and beauty. An animal’s innate instinct for survival correlates to the intuitive process that is active in my painting. The use of materials and mixed media in my practice creates a dialogue between the image, the natural handmade mark and the alchemy of disparate materials. This combination serves to question the history, origin, meaning and authenticity of the image. Ultimately, I desire for the visual work to offer alternative perceptions to certainty - past and present.



    Other studies 2013. Clinic work. Fabiana Barreda. 2010 / 2011 - School Projects. Gallery Arte x Arte .  2009 - Workshop of Instalaciones.Marta Ares. Centro Cultural Recoleta. 2009 Seminar Art contemporary. Valeria Gonzalez. Centro Cultural Recoleta. 2009 Workshop "the curator". Valeria González, Rodrigo Alonso, María José Herrera, Horacio Zabala. Centro Cultural Recoleta. 2006 - 2007-Clinical work. Ana Eckell. 2002-2003 - Eduardo Medici Workshop. 1999 Seminar polyester resin. Nicola Constantino.

    Individual exhibitions: 2009-Solo show, Foundation Lebensohn, Capital Federal-2002-Solo exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts Buenos Aires, La Plata.-

    Collective exhibitions : 2013 - Cosmos. Contemporary art collective. CABA - 2013. National exhibition of drawing. Province Bank. CABA 2012 - Mindscapes. Praxis Gallery. 2012 ARTE Ba. Praxis Gallery.2011 - The Zone. School projects. Arte x arte Gallery. 2011 ARTE Ba. Praxis Gallery. 2010 Collective school projects. Isidro Miranda Gallery. 2009 Group exhibition. Gallery Isidro Miranda, San Telmo. Capital Federal

    Exclusive representation in Argentina and New York:

    Gallery Praxis Art International. Buenos Aires / New York


    On line representation:

    CONTEST and SALONS 2013 -

    2013- '200 years coin' Gran Premio Banco Provincia. Drawing. 2012-National Salon of Visual Arts. Painting. Palace de Glace .2009 - Prize Stimulus rail Bonifacio. National Academy of fine art .2008 - Biennal Federal Award. Capital Federal 2008 - 0221 La PLata is displayed. Travelling exhibition. San Telmo, Rosario, Cordoba. 2008 National arts prize Platt. Gallery Isidro Miranda .2007 - LII Salón de Artes Plásticas Manuel Belgrano. Museo Eduardo Sívori. 2007 29TH National Salon of Painting Fernán Félix Amador. Lujan . 2007 - Grand Prize Bank of Buenos Aires. Painting. Capital Federal. 2007-First Prize at Regional Salon of Painting.  2005 Fundación Avon. Junín. 2002 Award Palais de Glace at the new painters. Cap Fed. 2000-National Exhibition of Fine Arts 2000, Palais de Glace. 2000 - Award Palais de Glace at the new painters 2000, of sponsors Mac Donald. Capital Federal.

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