Mariam Ghani


    • Female

    About the artist

    Writer and teacher based in Brooklyn
    2000: B.A. summa cum laude with honors in Comparative Literature, New York University.
    2002: MFA summa cum laude in Photography, Video & Related Media, School of Visual Arts

    My work explores how histories, places, identities and communities are constructed and reconstructed, and the shifting private and public narratives that comprise and contest those constructions. I am particularly fascinated by border zones, nomanslands, translations, transitions, and the slippages where cultures intersect; security cultures, archives, architectures of democracy, and national imaginaries; places where nature and artifice imitate and influence each other; and cities in conflict and post-conflict conditions. 

    I work across multiple disciplines and maintain several ongoing, multi-year collaborations (with choreographer Erin Ellen Kelly and visual artist Chitra Ganesh); the constants in my practice are video, site-specific and site-responsive work, database forms (linear and interactive, on and off-line), and art as public dialogue (and vice versa).

    Mariam Ghani