Marián Ramírez Paynter


    • Female
    • Digital artist
    • Painter
    • Photographer
    • Street art
    • Video artist


    About the artist

    My main source of inspirarional creativity is to capture moments with my camera which are precious and significant to humanity, enabling me an easy and direct way to express.

    I have painted and taken pictures since I was a child, being born to two different cultures, nationalities and languages, British and Spanish. Brought up in Spain to a wide environment which spans from London where my mother was born, to Cornwall, Northern Ireland or Scotland due to my roots up to the other end of the world as Australia.

    Most of the time I am thinking on how to improve the world.

    I attained an International MBA in 2015 spending 4 months of those studies in Shanghai (ESIC-SISU/SHU), studied Fine Arts at the Uni as main degree. I work as a picture researcher for an important magazine in Madrid, Spain that has been on for more than 70 years called ¡HOLA!

    You can check my pictures on my instagram account @misspaynter



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