Maricela De La Toba


    • Female
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Arte Figurativo, Arte Contmpoaneo, Arte Decor

    About the artist

    Maricela de la Toba

    A cheerful and courageous domain geometry, abstract shape, texture, color and a huge passion for life and admiration for nature, is what gives us generously and spontaneously in her work the artist Maricela the Toba.

    Contemporary artist and poet. Born in La Paz Baja California and have lived for several years in Monterrey, NL, Mexico. With studies in economics and graduate of Visual Arts of the UANL She is an artist who is always creating new forms and spaces. Her poems have been published in the last two years with the book "Let my will" and other "pleasures and sins," as 15 different daily publications, among others.

    As a visual artist is the founder of the Gallery of the Toba, who for 10 years has exposed the most representative of her pictorial work.

    She has in her career multiple individual and collective, national and international exhibitions. Domain geometry, abstract form, texture, color and a huge passion for life and admiration of nature, is what she gives us generously and spontaneously in her work.

    Born between the deep blue Pacific Ocean and the rugged Golden Desert Baja California in Mexico's July 27, 1967, this beautiful woman spontaneous and captivating personality, grew serious and lengthy discussions of history, philosophy and love spells with the sea and the desert and collecting from the pangas and networks bustling fishing harbors dreams made of coral and shells. That's why her brushes speak of poetry and freedom have inside restless birds, butterflies in the desert flowers, the rusty old boats, beaches and those persons who bear the mystery of the sea marked as a perfect spiral on the skin. This magic is the main ingredient of her work, on an artistic discipline acquired her professional studies at the Faculty of Visual Arts of the UANL gave her that strength and spontaneity, which for those we have had the fortune to see her paint, looks amazing and magical as it happens before our eyes quickly and easily from the figurative to the abstract geometric realistic.

    Because of her intense love for the wisdom that has led many to challenge social conventions and their almost eternal struggle for justice to prevail around, summarizing all their feelings in her famous phrase "the righteousness of man is sought and the God is waiting. " Her life is much like a novel. Survivor terrible pitfalls of love and corruption, sleepless nights and broken dreams, our heroine has always faced life with her beautiful smile and mischievous girl and turns to every feeling in her paintings creating complete sets with totally different, original and innovative techniques .


    The first paintings done Maricela de la Toba after her academic training and several years of continuous experimentation are cutting maritime abstract allusions, which does not hide from the beginning her poetic concern aspects of securing their place of origin. Furthermore her work begins to involve new materials and tools outside the traditional. The implicit argument in the paintings demand a study of its own surface, her canvases and evocative colors, reliefs and textures controlled, refined strokes, in her series and collections allude to the history, origin, expressing her interest in the peculiarities of her culture. The different shades cut plane embodiments, usually symmetrical, geometric, abstract, the fix is ??the crystallization of optical and sea, the sky experiences, land, tangible and intangible like the feeling. In the same way we find in her monochromes series, in an almost natural harmony without losing its geometrical vision taking order in which the elements of nature, emphasizes essential objectives and definitions of art, as only through these abstract forms discovers gradually form and the evocative power of its formal elements, down to discover and reflect on her work and also intriguing harmonic character of visual poetry that characterizes her work.

    "The truth is that at the time of conception of the work there is a definite end, because there are many reasons; the artist creates because it must create, because they feel, because it is a passion, a vice, could call catharsis, relief, folly, need or wonder.

    But if I had to pinpoint an end, I'd say I want to create a parallel reality where to marvel and at times out of a struggle that I can not lower our guard between the everyday things. I can with paint put flowers, long hair, colorful fish and pull down the stars to those other things that amaze me and I love so much

    I think that is a legitimate right of the artist to capture on canvas what you want, but I decide to turn that ability, gift or privilege in praise of life, and thus away from the frivolity, superficiality, materialism and misfortune ; raise and raise much needed values ??such as kindness, generosity, solidarity, love, friendship, brotherhood, empathy. With my paintings, I also want to invite to a deep reflection and wonder why the creation of art again. Which I think is beauty.

    In my humble opinion, I believe that not only should we imitate, we must interpret, think, contribute to commitment to a better world and shred the current reality to reorder a way that if work and bring us to the ultimate end of man, that is aspire to be happy."

    Maricela de la Toba

    Other Activities

    Maricela de la Toba, is an active member of the Society of Transcendence. This group consists of people who live or work in the metropolitan area of ??Monterrey. This is an advocate organization for communities and for public and private institutions, in which input and advice to progress or solve problems that afflict society at all levels are made.

    Knowing the personal and professional Master of De La Toba, She was also invited to participate as a distinguished member of the editorial board of the newspaper El Norte. There is currently an editorial board for each section of the newspaper. Each council brings together a diverse group of community members who possess certain basic characteristics: they are critical readers, are opinion leaders, and are knowledgeable of their surroundings and with a high sense of social responsibility citizens.

    Likewise, Maricela de la Toba is active collaborator known Starting Point News transmitted on radio and TVNL, Canal 28 and 102.1 radio. It also participates in the night program in the city, where it has a role as a commentator on cultural issues.

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    By Erika Caballero de Alfiero