Marta Moran


    • Female
    • Sculptor
    • Painter
    • Grabador

    About the artist

    Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca I have done a doctorate from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia.

    I have made exhibitions in England, Portugal and Spain

    I have been part of the collective collective "Arte collective" in England.

    Currently I live in Spain and I am part of the engraving group "Aguafuerte".

    In the last years I dedicate so much to the sculpture as to the engraving and painting.

    I am inspired by the centrifugal and centripetal vision of the world

    I capture aerial and microscopic views. I am interested in the construction of organic forms from small pieces.

    The transparent materials, resins, crystals and the fusion of these in some cases with color and images.