Martha Kamminga


    • Female
    • Photographer


    About the artist

    Show that something is real,
    Show that something is not real,
    Just pretend that something is real,
    Just pretend that something is not real.

    In my work are the concepts of reality, truth and illusion the basis. I wonder whether we can speak of one reality in which we live.
    Once you assume that creating your own reality is possible, the world seems to consist of all sub-realities and truths that are always deformable. and on the move. In my work I bring my own reality into the picture and at the same time I reflect on the ways how reality can be transformed in something else.

    We are influenced in various ways; our lines look in situations, the media, our education, etc. What is the concept of freedom for value in this? Nowadays, we have so much information to us, how can people herein the main separating side issues? How can we 'essence' recognition of a greater whole?

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