Martin Crespo


    • Male

    About the artist

    Martin Crespo graduated at Buenos Aires University, UBA, School of Communications Science, has been a resident in Paraguay since 1995, and has implemented a sort of eclectic professional activity in different areas of communication and marketing.

    As photographer, Crespo had three individual exhibitions in Asuncion. One in the Manzana de la Rivera called “Retrospection”, in 2001; “Self-Portrait” at the Paraguayan-American Bi-national Cultural Center in 2004, and “Talking About Asuncion” at Paraguay’s National Cultural Center, and Planta Alta (a private cultural center) in 2009.


    Martin has also participated of dozens of collective exhibitions in different countries. He has also won awards in contests such as “Paraguay in Person” (Paraguay 2003), and “MERCOSUR for Citizens” (Montevideo, Uruguay, in 2005). Crespo was also a finalist at the Ibero American Communications Awards for Children and Adolescent’s Rights in 2203.

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