Martín Gutierrez


    • Male
    • Video artist
    • Performance
    • Installation


    About the artist

    Martín Gutierrez was born in Berkeley, California to an American mother and Guatemalan father, Martín had a bicoastal upbringing in the Bay Area and central Vermont. With a foundation in theater and dance, Martín pursued fine arts, graduating with a BFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2012. Martín’s spectrum of work in the visual arts exhibits an investment in gender play and performance. Versed in a variety of media, the avenue of music is his newest focus. Under the name Martine, the young artist has become a published musician and producer. Discovered by YSL, who selected his first unreleased single, Hands Up, for their Cruise Collection 2012 video editorial, Martine’s music has been featured by several fashion houses including Dior and Acne. With the release of his first EP expected in 2013, the exotic performer continues to confuse us with his lady legs and sultry falsetto.