Marvin Nuto


    • Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Digital artist
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Photographer


    Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    About the artist

    My body of work "Metaphors of the Mind" is an epistemological exploration of the mind. Often referencing to philosophical insights, my work explores the translation of mental processes to visual form. Having a degree in philosophy and professional background in training and education and in the creative industry, my work attempts to describe the marvels of the human mind. The highly expressive and heavily textured treatment of the paints on a paper surface coincides with my mastery with the non-conventional approaches, in both thinking and in painting. While my works were created to embody with my own understanding of understanding, thinking about thinking, and learning about learning, the abstractness of my works is open to alternative interpretation. When a painting is done, its own being emerges, independent from me as the creator. My meaning of my work expands as it engages with a certain kind of dialogue with the viewer. This new meaning that emerges from the artwork-audience dialogue may depart from my original meaning that I intended for the work. This affirms the very nature of the mind as described by my body of work. A metaphor is not limited to only one meaning, it may mean more. Such possibility of meaning can also be metaphysically endless.

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