Mauricio Contreras-Paredes


    • Male
    • Painter
    • Abstract


    About the artist

    Guatemalan visual artist based in Toronto, Canada. Graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto, majoring in Visual Arts and Socio Cultural Anthropology.

    Coming from a modern tradition, his work explores the concepts of space, distance and identity through abstract-geometric compositions and constructions. His most recent series, Latitudes Cariocas, conceptualised while living in Brazil, explores the destruction of physical space and the malleability of non-visible space.

    Even though his preferred medium is gouache on wood, his practice encompasses diverse and innovative media such as acetate, vinyl, plexi-glass, and stainless steel in printmaking, sculpture and painting.

    Mauricio has been exhibited individually and collectively in Canada and Guatemala. His work has been published in press and specialised literature in both countries. In 2014, he was selected by PATCH Toronto to join their organisation, which is devoted to commission public art of large dimensions in Canada. Private collections in Canada, Guatemala and Brazil have acquired his work.