MAW Collective


    • Installation
    • Mixed media
    • Performance
    • Sculptor
    • Video artist

    About the artist

    MAW is a brand. It is a corporate brand, which is occupied exclusively by secured shareholders with equal stock. MAW is a creative enterprise that employs material exploration and manipulation to question the motivations behind our ethos. Often, MAW focuses it’s creative scope on itself, implicating MAW’s participation in all avenues of what ideas are explored through a material process. These processes vary in all manners of creation, however hinge on one constant which is in the belief that MAW’s product will be of the utmost speculative quality. There are six members of MAW and therefore six filters throughout every creative process, six pairs of hands working at once towards a spatial aesthetic of a concept. MAW enjoys being present at the institutions in which they present their products, meaning the creative process regularly requires extensive installation time within the space, to leverage their products against what they understand from it. Using a vernacular of spectacle, MAW presents it’s products with the intent of inspiring “an experience of inexperience” to it’s patrons.

    Gabriel Baribeau
    Jackson Darby
    Max Evans
    John Gunner
    Craig Spence
    Simon Zaborski