Maya Hayuk


    • Female

    About the artist

    Born in 1969 in Baltimore, MD. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

    Maya Hayuk is a muralist, photographer, printmaker, designer, curator, player of records, writer, performer, collector, brainstormer, painter, videographer, documentarian and lover of life who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

    Maya Hayuk’s work shows a great diversity of media because she likes to mingle with artists and musicians alike. Her paintings and installations are aglow with lights, colours and abstract motifs with the occasional brute line through which her work communicates vitality, echoing her spontaneous attitude. Her technique is based on the visible brushstrokes. Driven by energetic moves, the brushstrokes emerge a geometrical structure out of different layers on the surface. The changing directions evoke the impression of repeated patterns, but in comparison to each other, while having a closer view, every piece appears unique.

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