Mazhyx Orellana Calle


    • Female
    • Photographer
    • Graffiti
    • Drawer
    • Collage
    • Illustrator
    • Installation
    • Performance
    • Painter
    • Street art
    • Video artist


    Cu.Gallery, Cuenca, Ecuador

    About the artist

    Independent Artist, born and raised in the middle of the traditional streets of Cuenca city in Ecuador, the place where she lives and works.What she makes in her work is the result of all the acquired information the course of her life. Paintings and objects, made with materials discarded by society as well as other materials used as support. Create a very personal language that is highly elaborate, showing the domain of a sophisticated skill, with a technique that goes beyond those normally practiced in the streets. The rich variety of color in his paintings imposes a huge impact on the urban space. Abstract drawings, make new combinations and provide our attentive eyes with new and different visuals pathway her objects refer to the playful, subconscious mind of the artist, showing an evident concern for the quality of the parts, and complementing the maturation process of the artist

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