Mehraneh Atashi


    • Female

    About the artist

    1980: Born Teheran, Iran
    2013: Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten/ Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

    Mehraneh Atashi statement:

    In my work I am trying to investigate the relationship between the time of the self and the time of the world. Through an excavation of memories, archiving and documentation of the self, I investigate these temporal relationships. I am trying question the presence, the present time.

    My past seems to deform due to the lack and omission of cumulative documents. How much my memory is dependent to these documents, and how these memories form the future? Future as a subjective idea, which de-negates and changes the present conditions . Thus, I act, do and create, in the way of building a hopeful moment. Even if the outcome result proves to be a presence of disappointment, or a sense of loss.

    I look at my work as a kind of archives of the self, which allows me to create a method to understand the world around me, and these archive mostly is in the form or self-portraits.

    My interest in self-portrait is twofold: on the one hand is inserting my self into a genre and establishing a relationship with photography as both a medium and an apparatus. On the other hand self-portrait is a mode of re-capturing a visual space, an attempt to re-claim a space in the picture plane hijacked by forces of power, a space within which I am trying to insert myself. I am interested in where these two approaches to self-portraiture collide: photography and power.

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