Melora Walters


    • Female
    • Drawer
    • Painter
    • Photographer
    • Sculptor


    I have shown with John Nichols Gallery, Merry Karnowsky, Launch LA, Jan Baum, in Los Angeles, New York, and Berlin


    About the artist


    Melora Walters

    Artist’s Statement:

    My artwork is an attempt to show what it feels like to be alive.

    While each piece is emotional and expressionistic, the influences are very classical. Besides art references, I draw on the writings of Carl Jung, Marie-Louise von Franz, and Joseph Campbell.

    I try to combine the different cultures I have experienced with geographic and historical influences of the places I have lived: Saudi Arabia, Holland, Arkansas, New York, and California are a few.

    In sculpture, I work with found twigs, branches, feathers, sun-drying clay, jewels, twine, and envirotex sealer. Usually when I find the wood, it already has a life of it’s own, as though the figure is already there, waiting. As I assemble it and sculpt the clay, I let the image emerge. The feel of the wood, and the fragility of the clay, are also an important part of each piece. 

    I photograph what I see.

    In a sense, I am creating my own mythology with each piece, and documenting a journey.