Memo Akten


    • Male
    • Digital artist

    About the artist

    "My biggest inspiration is nature, and trying to understand the nature of nature, science.

    As opposed to taking inspiration directly from the observable aesthetics of what I see around me, I’m inspired by the processes and behaviour that create and shape them.

    Trying to understand and abstract these phenomena, to visualise the invisible, extract and amplify the unseen relationships which sculpt and drive our world. Using these processes to create abstract new forms, animations and sounds, creating an unfamiliar familiarity. Analogous to painting a sunset on a stormy sea, I’m fuelled by the idea of studying, abstracting and visualising the nuclear fusion inside the sun powering our planet, the photons scattering in the atmosphere to create a crimson sky, the fluid dynamics driving the wind and the waves crashing onto the shore. If anything I’m just trying to expose the poetry of nature."

    Memo Akten

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