• Michael de Lucia


    • Male

    About the artist

    He lives and works in Brooklyn

    Michael DeLucia was born in Rochester, New York, in 1978. He lives and works in Brooklyn. After studying art at the Rhodes Island School of Design in 2001, he took a further degree in sculpture at the Royal College of Art in London, graduating in 2004. Formerly an assistant of Jeff Koons, DeLucia produced sculptures that effect the metamorphosis of practical objects into poetic, humorous apparitions before initiating a series of works on wooden panels offer a representation in relief of compressed objects modelled on computer.

    In 2008 Galerie Nathalie Obadia in Brussels gave Michael DeLucia his first solo exhibition. Since then his works have entered prestigious private collections and have been exhibited at CRAC Alsace, at the Sculpture Center in New York, at the MetroTech Center in Brooklyn and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit.

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