Michael Tompert


    • Male
    • Digital artist
    • Hyperrealist


    WhiteSpace Gallery, Palo Alto, California USA
    The Pantry, San Francisco, California USA

    About the artist

    A native of Stuttgart, Germany, Michael began his career in the graphic arts as a typographer's apprentice. He came to the United States in 1984 and earned a BFA in Graphic Design from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. While honing his 3D and Photoshop skills as a user-interface designer in Silicon Valley, Michael developed his signature photorealistic imagery style.

    In early 2002 he became a part of the Lava Imaging Team (LIT) inside Apple Graphic Design in Cupertino, a pivotal relationship for his career as well as a period of propelled introspection. In 2005, Michael launched Raygun Studio, a digital imaging and CGI studio in Palo Alto, California.

    His entry into digital fine art allows for personal expression that relies on the honed and updated technologies of his medium, which in turn becomes the contemplative crux of his debut collection,12LVE. A channeled technique of photography and scanography combine to produce large scale works with microscopic detail.

    On the one hand, simply to reveal a complexity otherwise strictly enshrined, but on the other hand, to instigate questions about our relationship with these modern icons. A relationship that has less to do with technology or knowledge and is more and more about advertising and fashion, bordering on fetish. A relationship that offers freedom through mobility, yet at the price of indenture to the network and profile data warehouses.

    The series had its debut in San Francisco to instant controversy especially in the fores of all things Apple. A sampling of the images and more information can be found online at www.tompert.com/12LVE/