Michela Akers


    • Female
    • Painter



    About the artist

    Art is a language wherein harmonies are born and that language becomes a Song of Love and Light. Art is our divine self-expression. Art forms are lines, squares, circles, triangles, colors imbued with the artist’s spiritual energy... A vision drawn out in a visual landscape of symbols, transcendent by the mere presence of passionate energy. Art is a portal into your own power. You can intellectualize art, record its history, its pedigrees, but its primal pulse, its language, its communication...that is another thing. Biographically speaking, I am the daughter of a painter, lived in France for some years and met Picasso during that time.

    Teaching myself was imperative, in my mind and I began the long process of observation and study as a prelude to expressing my inner authenticity in art. As I progressed, I found I had a particular affinity for portraiture, enthralled at the prospect of "catching a person's likeness". There is nothing quite like it! But whether it is the splendor of a human face or the light and shadow play of an impressionistic landscape -- to me -- it must be shared.

    There is an 'I' and a 'Thou' about it all. The Tao would say, I create it for you, so we may become one. I believe art is our divine self-expression. Art forms are lines, squares, circles, triangles, colors imbued with the artist's spiritual energy in a vision, drawn out as a landscape of symbols that become transcendent, by the mere presence of this passionate energy. Artists throughout the ages have sought to be intimate with such virtues and I am one of those.

    The process? It begins with the intense desire to make an artistic statement of love, a motif that finally evolves into a radiant idea-image, compelling me to paint. It goes beyond methodology, but there are things that I sometimes do such as building frames, using sable brushes to create thin films of oil and working on a large scale. At the end of the day, so to speak, I would have the viewer experience a sense of Universal Oneness and its overwhelming love.


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