• Female
    • Video artist
    • Performance
    • Neoconceptual
    • Mixed media
    • Installation
    • Photographer
    • Digital artist


    About the artist

    Michiko Totoki

    Michiko Totoki is a photographer who started her career as a painter. In her work, the photographic process can be found as a “performance”, and it comes from the human side. She obtained a BA Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Musashino (Japan), and a PhD Degree in the Complutense University of Madrid. She has exhibited widely in Japan and Spain. We could point out her solo show at the Municipal Museum of Tokyo and Catarsis Gallery of Madrid. Some of her works can be found in private collections in Japan, Spain and in the USA, as well as in the Senate Palace of Japan. In the last six years, her work has been shown at the International Fair “Estampa” (Madrid).
    She has participated at the Freiraum Art Symposium in Austria and organized the one held in Madrid in 2012 under the title Bipolar City. She is also linked to the project Mujeres Dos Rombos, exhibited at La Maison Madrid and at other public spaces. From 1999 to 2007 her work was shown at the Estampa fair. She took part at the X, Xl, Xll and XIII edition of EntreFotos.
    In 2010, she participated at Arevalo Contemporary Art Fair in Ávila and DecorAcción in Madrid. In 2012, she took place with a scholarship at "Field Experiments" in the town of Gols (Austria).


    Michiko Totoki believes that energy relying on stones awakens in plants, moves regarding animals and becomes conscious in human beings; that is life.
    Her work does not pretend to be a philosophical system, but an empirical phenomenon, as long as she considers the human being like that. The series she has been developing are environmets, sometimes in small spaces or boxes, sometimes in large spaces close to Land Art. Her photographs capture the images produced and, firstly, communicate in a plastic way the feelings aware in the different changes of life energy.
    In Michiko Totoki’s series we will find images composed of rounded stones recreated as ions, vaporous foams, trees with brain appearance, plastics emulating waves or even small fruits or marbles shaping galactic landscapes.
    The quality of her images and its transcendent proximity are both enchanting.


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