Miguel Marina


    • Male
    • Painter
    • Installation

    About the artist

    The topics used in his work are somehow excuses for formal investigations. Miguel focuses in the problems of composition, so that has been helped of pretexts to provide him with appropriate images. Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica, pictures that sounding lines take when we send them into space, the elements that we can see through telescopes. His work has been focusing in admirable and solemn themes that, at the same time, are aesthetically simples. Of course, it's most important working with grandiloquent issues, because there is something comforting when we work in something magnifcent or immortal. But besides all that, or together with the elegance of these issues, his painting has turned into precise and subtle. If one stops for a moment to consider it, all the work and interests of Miguel are clearly pictorial, starting with the landscape, which is an artistic creation, and followed by the representation of galaxies, which are games with the scale. It is, in short, a painting that focuses in the representation.