Milica Prelić


    • Female
    • Drawer
    • Mixed media
    • Painter


    Gallery SULUJ, Belgrade, Serbia

    About the artist

    My approach to realization of artistic work is personal and determined by inner parameters: by the need for exploring and self-analyzing, as well as by the need for analyzing the material, its physical and symbolic performances. The art is my tool for a deep communication with myself but also to communicate with others. It is of a great importance for me work to touch an observer in an emotional as well as in thoughtful way.
    In a poetic sense works are determined by the analytical approach to the theme. The theme and the motive vary from work to work and from period to period. The themes that are always present are love, problem of the human existence and the borders between existence and nonexistence, relation between live and inanimate; real and unreal. Motives are sometimes simple, semiabstract forms, where I do an intensive research in relations between elements of a composition, while the others are realistic motives of the human body or just their reduced symbolic silhouettes.

    When I actualize an artistic work, I explore through the media itself as well as through the theory. Depending on ideas on which works are based I define a media-material in which the work will be actualized. It means various media such as drawings, paintings, installations, sculptures and combined media (mixed media) are present. Many of the works are done in organic materials, especially in bees wax. This material gives a new dimension for perception to paintings, installations and sculptures. They include smell and tactility what strengthens the connection between the work and an observer.

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