Miquel Barceló


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    About the artist

    He currently lives between Paris, Mallorca and Mali (Africa)
    1957: Miquel Barceló Artigues was born in Felanitx, Mallorca
    1970: A trip to Paris allows you to discover the art brut
    1972-1973: He studied at the school of decorative arts in Palma de Mallorca
    1974: Escuela de Bellas Artes de Sant Jordi in Barcelona
    1981: He begins to be known when he participated in the Bienal de São Paulo
    1996: Major retrospective that devotes the Pompidou Center in Paris.
    2004: He exhibited at the Museum of the Louvre watercolours created to illustrate the Divine Comedy, becoming the first living contemporary artist exhibits at the Museum.
    2012: Doctor Honoris Causa is invested by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

    His enormous canvases figurative end of the 1970s with themes of expressionism marked animals receive the influence of Joan Miró, the action painting ("action painting"), Jackson Pollock, Antoni Tàpies, conceptual art and art brut.

    later gives way to a more connected with tradition painting and thus arise series libraries, museums and cinemas in forced perspectives and dense treatment pictorial.

    among the features of his work must emphasize inspiration in nature, getting relief through the use of a few dense fillings and usually dark. Mediterranean and Africa have been two of their most important referents. the discovery of Africa on a trip to Mali has made that its people and the life of the desert is one of the most developed in his work topics in recent years, always reflecting a concern for nature, the passage of time and the origins.

    < p> In the last season has evolved into referring more intellectuals and abstract. in March 2007 Mallorca Cathedral has inaugurated the chapel made by him on clay. consists of two worlds: the fruits of the sea and the fruits of the Earth. in May 2007 also begins the work of decoration of the dome of the Hall XX of the Palais des Nations United in Geneva. this room will host the meetings of the Human Rights Council and will be renamed room of human rights and of the Alliance of civilizations.

    literature has always been also one of her inspirations. He has been an illustrator of books and himself usually writing the prefaces of their catalogs. The image of the head public journal, edited since September 2007, is the work of the Majorcan author.