Miquel Cazaña


    • Digital artist
    • Drawer
    • Illustrator
    • Mixed media
    • Painter


    Art Cuestion, Orense (Spain)
    Fons d'art, Olot (Spain)
    Fariza, Bilbao (Spain)
    Buigas, Cerdanyola (Spain)
    Miret, Barcelona (Spain)

    About the artist

    Painter and illustrator Miquel Cazaña has graduated in 2005 in Barcelona's Massana School of Art with a Cum Laude. Since then, he has offered an economic and nearby proposal. As a result, he has sold hundreds of paintings in the period of Spanish profound economic crisis. In order to bring art to the people he has exhibited in public places like hospitals, restaurants, hotels, sports centers or supermarkets, without forgetting galleries such as the Academy of Fine Arts in Sabadell, Gallery Buigas in Cerdanyola or Gallery Fons d 'Art in Olot. After ten solo exhibitions exposed in dozens of places, in recent years he has begun his international career selling paintings in five continents; sometimes himself, sometimes through galleries like Holland Art Gallery in Eindhoven.
    In March 2017, he has participated in the Hong Kong Premier Art Fair, represented by Artcuestion gallery (Orense, Spain). Now he is preparing new artworks to participate in New York Pool Art Fair, also represented by Artcuestion.

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