Monika Ruiz B


    • Female
    • Drawer
    • Photographer
    • Painter


    Homa 735, Sydney, Australia
    UPAgallery, Tampa, FL. USA

    About the artist

    “Since I left Colombia in 1983 , I began a long journey that continues today . Since that time , my camera never leaves me , I take it everywhere I go either through Latin America , Europe or the USA . It has become an essential communication tool that I use to express my feelings , my thoughts , my fears and concerns. I photograph , only the things that interest me , that touch me , that excite me or revolt me.
    My photographic practice is deeply rooted in the portrait , I feel myself concerned with the character and psychology of the human being . Through the portrait I multiply exploration attempts of human interiority without being certain , however, to achieve truly delve into the intricacies of the human mind, or translate the plastic sense, it shows me and makes sense. I often think of this Giacometti's reflection:

    " I will never get to put in a picture all the strength he has in mind. The mere fact of living , it will already require such and such energy. "
    My photography focuses on the quest to become - if possible - the artistic dramatization of my own inner feelings , the depths of my experiences, my relationship with the visible world.
    My photos also reflect a personal commitment, a position . They should be seen as an act of participation and reporting rather than an act of registration .
    Of course, over time my eye , I believe , refined , and this photographic practice, personal account of the world in which we live, is also accompanied by an aesthetic where the art of framing and compositions plays an increasingly assertive . "

    Monika Ruiz-B

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