• Female
    • Digital artist
    • Photographer

    About the artist

    Madrid, 1984.

    MumuW is the name that this visual artist, from Madrid and a little Extremadura, has adopted to sign and publicize her works.
    Loaded with a camera since she has use of reason, she has been trained in several artistic disciplines from an early age such as painting, dramatic art and photography.
    After studying various training courses in photography and receiving various job assignments for cultural and social events as a photographer, she realizes that although her site is in the world of photography that was not her way, and decides to explore the self-taught photography from a more open perspective that has allowed her not only to find her own style of artistic expression that she defines as a meeting point between painting, interpretation and photography, but also has discovered in photography a indispensable tool of knowledge and personal growth, from which to continue creating, accompanying, generating change and educating.

    Her purpose as a visual artist is to generate work that goes down in history as a referent of this stage of the HUMAN REVOLUTION in which the human being has stopped looking for distractions that keep him away from himself to find within his true essence that allows him to project all its greatness.