Nadia Kashani


    • Female
    • Photographer
    • Painter
    • Mixed media
    • Digital artist
    • Designer
    • Abstract expressionist


    Samin Gallery,Tehran, Iran.
    Kolke Khial gallery,Tehran, Iran.
    Honar Gallery,Tehran, Iran.
    EmamAli museum,Tehran, Iran.

    About the artist

    I am an Iranian artist passionate of intermedia art and try to fallow new events about the position of painting in intermedia art, all around the world. I received M.A. from Alzahra university, Tehran.

    Because I love teaching children, my last series of painting is about my students's paintings. I have tried to paint children in the world which they wanted to describe.

    "Lost painter" which is the title of these paintings refers the lost childhood and dreams. and it also refers to the fact that you can't distinguish who is the painter; the child in the painting or me. I have printed the children's paintings on convas and then painted by acrylic on it. 

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