Natalia Vas


    • Female
    • Designer
    • Painter
    • Dactilopintura

    About the artist

    Natalia Vas is a multidisciplinary artist and designer , based in El Masnou , Barcelona, ??since some years now fall on this beautiful village of Maresme , from Buenos Aires.
    He studied design at the University of Buenos Aires , while it developed in parallel in different artistic techniques through various workshops in drawing , painting , sculpture, this bustling and vibrant city Argentina .
    " Finger painting without brushes " .
    From small beginning to express themselves through their paintings so singular in addition to mix colors on canvas , achieving impressive works where the lights , shadows and volumes are the protagonists.
    Over time the artist has been enriched by the contribution of the different techniques .
    You can tell who is a painter " OR WITHOUT BRUSHES PALETTE " .
    His works are performed under the self-taught technique called " finger paint " .
    "I am a lover of art in all its manifestations , and for that reason I like to learn and acquire every day different techniques of expression, although I must say that I have finally decanted and developed my own self-taught art. A different way to experience art through which you can work from deep and helps to acquire a new and very sensitive technique. You may express on canvas all the creativity and the full potential of each "
    Currently teaches at two fixed finger paint workshops in El Masnou and Barcelona, ??in addition to teaching classes traveling in different cities and countries.
    His latest series of paintings, "Fragments " reflect those small pieces of a broken soul . The same pieces that serve to rebuild , go and fight in this life ...
    " Fragments" has traveled to various locations in Catalonia and Spain and internationally countries like USA , France , Italy , Sweden, United Kingdom and Argentina , among others. He continues its dynamic way of exhibitions in different parts of the world , with permanent exhibitions and teaching his particular technique , developed over the years.