• Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Installation
    • Mixed media
    • Painter


    work at free lance visual artist


    About the artist


    “The Journey of Re-materialization.”

    “Things We Carry in Life,”

    This Community Art Project, “Up Close and Personal,” would involve cloth panels/installations
    that I invite community members/friends online/ family to embellish with such things as fabric,
    parts of old clothing that meant something to them, paint, writing, sewing, and writing/coloring/
    text/anecdotes with images. Then I would make an installation out of these cloths which at one
    point of time, were loved/loathed/pitied/cherished upon. I would like the viewers and participants
    to weave new story out of something old and used. It would be also be rather difficult to part
    from some of these torn/unusable and emotionally valuable cloths

    The materials and the cloth can tell people a story and convey emotions more than words can
    express. Some clothes make you weak, or powerful. Some go back to your mother’s hug. We
    always have a memory of clothes. What would be like to share your Mother’s apron she wore
    while she cooked those delicious meals you cherished or, your father’s shirt which you ironed
    every Sunday, or, your Grandmother’s sari in which you last saw her. Or let’s move to the
    panties which you were cheated upon, the jacket in which you met an accident and lost a friend.

    The work would appreciate people to think and rethink their relationship not just with the cloths
    but also with people who are in the narrative. It invokes, reconciliation, forgiveness, loss but it
    would certainly invoke emotions and sentiments which we vehemently deny in the age of less
    human touch. Friends and family are one click away but poking each other on FB is not as good
    as hugging each other.

    Through these personal experiences of mine and many other participants, I am actually trying
    to link, aging, loneliness, aloofness to my subject. In this day and age when we don’t really
    have more virtual than real friends we need to rethink what it would be like to age. The urban
    loneliness is an issue I would like to emphasize in my works.