Ángela Cris Suárez


    • Female
    • Painter
    • Drawer
    • Artista Visual

    About the artist

    The reason for my paintings is to establish a real communication with other people and share together the feeling of life. The world is a symbolic language in itself, and painting is the artistic expression that plays with the symbols of experience, in an “intangible way”. The symbols are represented in a constant changing dynamic; but whether figurative or abstract each symbol converges towards a single compositional unity.

    Finding creative potential in my paintings is an artistic action that i perform permanently. From this event I attempted actional Heritage interpretation in a fantasy world full of colors and imaginary characters. They are color and shape proposals arising from a desire to build compositional motion scenarios. Each work either scenarios representing different forms and themes that are unique but share the essence of color, the impulse to capture images that grab the viewer's attention not only in the proposal structural but also in the content, in the simple message of living beings and objects projected denoting human presence.

    The suggestive symbols that I express through my paintings are ideas that are lodged in my mind and spirit. They are emotions, thoughts and feelings thah arise from my personal experience and history, each one of my works presented in this exhibitions have traits and deep sincerity.

    I would like to share with you my exhibitions and other Works.
    I hope my paintings please them and we have constant communication.