Nia Martos


    • Male
    • Digital artist
    • Designer
    • Sculptor
    • Photographer
    • Illustrator
    • Installation
    • Performance
    • Street art
    • Video artist
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Mixed media
    • Neoconceptual
    • Painter
    • figurativedrip


    Galería Lecrin (Almuñecar, España)
    Galería Cartel (Granada, España)
    Galería Insane (Barcelona, España)

    About the artist

    Nia Martos Konstanz, Germany. 1990. He is an artist of the past that has come back to life to rewrite the role of art in society. With a strong social mind that questions everything around him, he was raised in an Andalusian village “La Herradura” but his mind transcends all borders and that is a cosmopolitan one. Influenced by the artistic vanguard, we catalog as Renaissance, Neo-Baroque, modern, urban and contemporary but who can put him only on one box?
    He is an artist who understands art as a form of collective expression, all means and circumstances play an important role, especially when it comes to claim the particular and free of beauty, breaking with the established canon. so basocally these is his work

    In 2013 he creates a new pictorial style from action painting and figurative painting, which he calls "'Baroquedrip'' or ''Figurativedrip''