Nicholas Emerton


    • Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Performance
    • Photographer
    • Sculptor


    About the artist

    First of all, thank you for taking the time to look at my things! I am a young artist who dabbles in all types of mediums and claim to be a master of none. I rather enjoy watercolor and sculpting, however I do lend myself to a bit of photography now and again. I also greatly enjoy singing, and theatrical performance.  Honestly, I'm not looking to become famous for my artwork or anything, it is just a stress releaving hobby for me. If i can make money doing what I enjoy it is only icing on the cake! None the less, enjoy what I have to offer and please feel free to share it among your friends. Who knows, maybe it could be a new piece they would want for their collection.



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