Nico Munuera


    • Male

    About the artist

    The particular territory of the void that Nico Munuera negotiates without ever abandoning abstraction is plainly removed from the coldness and aridity of constructive and geometric leanings, and indeed also from the gestural spontaneity of abstract expressionism. Gravity and emotion are the two sides of the same recurrent dialectic successfully resolved in his works.

    An emotive gravity in quest of constant meaningful elements that make incursions deep into the terrain of poetry. A grave emotion that drives forward an exploration into the expressive potential of matter, using the physical objecthood of materials as a launch pad to go that one step further.

    One of poetry’s abiding qualities is that the same letters which can be used to write anything can also conjure Beauty. Likewise, if there is one thing that characterises Nico Munuera’s work it is its sentient experimentation with minimum constructive-expressive elements (form, colour, material) not just from the rational stance of systematic analysis but also, and more particularly, from the intuition that empowers him to plumb the depths of something that runs deeper than mere literalness.

    Peiró, Juan Bta.: “El territorio del vacío” in Nico Munuera, Palacio Aguirre, Cartagena, 2000

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