Noelia Muriana


    • Sculptor
    • Painter
    • Video artist


    Galeria Léucade / Murcia España

    About the artist

    The artwork-plastic developed by Noelia Muriana, over the last decade, has been conveyed through video-creation, sculpture, painting and drawing to show the critical and political positioning that the artist takes towards some plots of the reality of today. Initially from the sculpture, and then from the above disciplines but especially from the audiovisual plastic, this creative Murcia has been continuously proposing us reconsider issues related to identity politics and society. A framed posture feminist practice and insecurity from which Muriana not only aims to put into question the instrumentalization of women's bodies (among others) is done from the patriarchal and heterosexist, but also intends to confer visibility (understood as political activism) of other identities vilified by the logic of power that is based on the legitimacy and implementation of the traditional assumptions trinomial framed in sex-gender-sexuality.
    Multidisciplinary artist, specializing in video art, has participated in various exhibitions and festivals as ELECTRA'04 IVAM, MEDIA'06 TECH ART, ART TECH MEDIA'08, Malaga Film Festival 2006, Festival of Arts Emerging Arts Alter-0 '7, Optica Festival 2008 MULTIMEDIA IMAGES oF A COMPLEX WORLD 2008 international Film Festival IBAFF 2013 (Murcia) among others.