Núria Güell


    • Female

    About the artist

    Lives and works in Barcelona
    1981: Born in Barcelona

    I analyze ethics practiced by the institutions that govern us detecting abuses of power conducted by the established "legality" and hegemonic morality. Both function as control strategies that dominate the collective subjectivity and affect our patterns of behavior, thinking and our sense. Through the projects I am interest in demonstrate these strategies and generate new ones, in order to transgress or put in crisis the established.
    To achieve this I provoked interferences in the everyday environment through disruptive actions, "drilling" the reality and its obviousness, creating other possible realities, and altering the established power relationships.

    In the last years I have developed the concept DISPLACED LEGAL/MORAL APPLICATION to define the methodology that structure my projects. This analyzes a legal or moral principle and applies it in the opposite direction by reversing the power relationship and with a little twist initiates a questioning of the established. The Projects resulting from D.L.A have a more activist character and generate means to modify reality unlike the D.M.A which have a more reflexive profile.

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