Olivia Curley


    • Female
    • Designer
    • Illustrator
    • Photographer
    • Street art


    About the artist

    Olivia is a lady who loves to travel and try new adventures. She has been the luckiest girl because she get the chance to try everything that she wants. She had worked for it for years, and now she is reaping the efforts that she did. Her past journey was a struggle, but because she is strong enough, she managed to overcome it all.

    At the moment, Olivia is one of those people who want to show the world how to take good care the mother nature. She is very passionate in joing organizations which promote eco-friendly practices. She motivates people to properly dispose their wastes properly with the help of leading rubbish removal company. Olivia has seen a lot of this world, and she want to see more of its beaut after years. 

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