Original Drawings


    • Designer
    • Digital artist
    • Drawer
    • Illustrator
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Photographer

    About the artist

    I try to see Art in everything surrounding me, even the things one might not normally see as beautiful. I enjoy looking at materials and showing them in a different light - beyond their intended function. My goals are to uncover the beauty that lies beneath the surface of everyday life, and to always search my imagination for new forms of artistic self-expression to share. The aesthetic part to my work is extremely important to me. My artwork is influenced by people, nature, animals, spirituality and love. If I can make you smile or feel or wonder, then, I will be happy; for then, I have been a success. Drawing the viewer into a piece is important to me, however I do not wish to make large statements. Instead I prefer that the works, through their form and design, provide the meaning that the viewer will draw from them. The force, which drives me, is producing work that is attractive to the eye and turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.