Orlando Macho


    • Male
    • Photographer
    • Digital artist


    Exposición fotográfica: ”Arte para Regalar” por Orlando Macho, en la sala de Exposiciones de la Escuela de las Artes de Arroyomolinos - Madrid, próximo 16 de enero 2015 inaguración.

    Publicaciones en la galería online “The GUT’S Gallery” Photoroot - fine art photography.

    Seleccionado por “HT Art Magazine Publishing”, para incluirme en su anuario:

    Exposición y venta en la Galería de Arte online "EL BIGOTE".

    Seleccionado con 3 fotografías, para la Exposición Nacional "PREMIOS KAULAK DE FOTOGRAFÍA 1995", PREMIOS VILLA DE MADRID 1996.

    Microblog de fotografía de autor.

    About the artist

    Orlando Macho (Zürich 1973), lives in Madrid (Spain), photographer since 1989, workshop teacher, and web design manager on various projects.

    He studied in one of the best photography schools in Madrid. Due to his personal need to make his artistic rebellion grow, he developed several photographic projects with a different creative perspective.

    "Arte para regalar, 2012" and "Fotografía de autor Orlando Macho, 2014", are two good examples of his great creative ability which he plans to continue heightening and developing throughout the rest of his artistic career.

    He’s been rewarded with exhibitions and screenings of his works in the:

    -.Photo exhibition project "Arte para regalar" by Orlando Macho, in exhibition hall of the School of Arts Arroyomolinos - Madrid, 2015.

    -.Publications in the online gallery "The GUT'S Gallery" Photoroot - fine art photography, 2014.

    -.HT Art Magazine Publishing, included in the yearbook:


    -.Art magazine "Hash the Mag" 2014.

    -.Art Gallery "El Bigote" 2014.

    -.The Photographic Association "AFS" as "Captador de imágenes 2014" at the party photo (Fiestografía 2014).

    -."Clover Club" 1999.

    -.Magazine "Photo" N.191 November 1998, selected for the section Photo/forum, with a rating of excellent.

    -.The National Exhibition "KAULAK PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 1995", at Madrid 1996 Awards.

    He’s currently participating in photographic competitions and exhibitions, having his works still on sale at the Online Art Gallery "El Bigote" and at his own website.

    "Art continues ourselves".

    Orlando Macho.

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