Osvaldo Ferreyra


    • Male
    • Drawer
    • Illustrator
    • Painter
    • Collage
    • Mixed media
    • Abstract expressionist




    About the artist

    Osvaldo Ferreyra Centurión: Plastic Artist, Architect and Teacher. His teachers or referents were the Professors and Plastic Artists Luis Alberto Solari, Aida Ferreyra and Gustavo Alamón. He begins to make his first works in the decade of the 70; At the beginning of the 1980s, he published hundreds of drawings and illustrations in various media and publications, characterized by the satirical, humorous, critical and caricature of the reality of a Uruguay in dictatorship.

    He taught at the Arts Workshop UNO in the 70 'to then give way to three decades of teaching in Project Workshop of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of the Republic. He was Director of Promotion and Cultural Action of the Government of Montevideo between 2001 and 2005. He was Director of the publication of Art and Architecture "Arquimagen". He has been Jury of several national and international competitions, columnisata of Art and Architecture in diverse media and lecturer in these topics.

    He exhibited: in Gallery of his native Fray Bentos (1973), in Montevideo in collective exhibitions in Conventuales (1979), in Uruguayan Cinemateca (1986), Cabildo de Montevideo (1991) and in the Exhibition space of the MEC (Ministry of Education and Cultura, 2004) and in the exhibition space of Voglio in 2015 with its individual exhibition "Fresh painting", in 2016 there are three large individual exhibitions "Retrospectiva O.Ferreyra" (50 drawings and paintings from the 70's to 2016), at the Luis Alberto Solari National Art Museum (Fray Bentos), the Araujo Departmental Museum (Ciudad de Treinta y Tres) and the Azulejo Museum (Montevideo), under the auspices of the Intendancy of Río Negro, Department Thirty-Three and the Departmental Intendance of Montevideo, respectively. Outside in collective exhibitions in Córdoba (R.Argentina 1986), and traveling exhibition "The North seen from the South and the South seen from the North" in 1991 (Rome, San Pablo, Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile) .



    His beginnings were concentrated in the drawing, whereas in the last years the painting has focused his activity preferably with mixed and acrylic techniques